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“Kupuna” is the word for cherished elders in Hawaiian where elders of the community have been held as sources of wisdom, guidance, and inspiration for generations.


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About Fischer Group:

Fischer Group has been serving the Senior Living industry since 2003. We have been providing services on portals like this one since 1997.

When it comes to providing marketing services, Fischer Group doesn’t do particularly different things. We just do things differently.

We apply critical thinking and creativity in everything we do and we have designed our company to be actively responsive to the daily challenges faced by professionals in the Senior Living industry.

Our proven, efficient systems and processes execute consistently, are competitively priced, and provide the results that you expect from a company known for excellence.

If you ever have a question or comment, please contact our company President, Scott Burford, directly at 855-509-6500, Ext. 101 or

About Sagely:

Sagely is a digital health company focused on keeping our elders happy, healthy, connected, and independent. Sagely marries the power of software, data and the human element to empower caregivers, elders and their families to improve elders’ well-being.

Sagely’s senior living resident engagement platform allows communities to deeply understand their residents and engage them in more active lives. We use the power of data, insights and automation to provide staff with tools for collaboration, communication and organization.

Sagely was developed with a focus on offering innovative tools that enable engagement directors to promote elders’ engagement in daily activities, send updates to their families, and allow for important data collection aimed to provide care partners with ways of measuring elders’ well-being.

To learn more about Sagely visit us at or email us at

About The Friend of Sagely Network:

"The Friends of Sagely Network" provides Sagely customers with access to additional services from our trusted friends in the industry who have a strong reputation for quality, responsiveness, and overall value. When customers purchase a product or service from a company in our affiliate network, they are working directly with that company for purposes of that product or service. Sagely is not involved, or liable, for any work offered by or ordered from an affiliate in the network. In return for bringing customers and affiliates together, Sagely may receive a referral fee or commission from the recommended affiliate.